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by Ashley M

Visiting Fo Guang Shan Temple, Auckland


The weekend is finally here, and thus marks the 2nd week of my being in Auckland. I must say, living in Auckland has opened my eyes to the variety of things to see.

One minute I’m at the Viaduct Harbour, and in the next I  forget I’m still in New Zealand – as I walk around in Fo Guang Shan Temple.

Doug and I were brought around to visit this huge Buddhist temple – in East Tamaki area. Although we are not Buddhists, but this place is somewhere to visit for its amazing architecture and serene surroundings.


It also kind of reminds me of the Forbidden City in China – from what I’ve seen on TVB dramas. It was a nice sunny day too, perfect for photos.



The few mini Buddha statues that were ornamenting the rather massive garden caught my eye. They were so cute!


This was my favourite.


I didn’t even need to touch up any of my photos, because everything seemed to look incredible here.



And then we came across a Wishing Bell. Instructions below : –


You’d put some money in the Donation Box, then knock/ring the bell.


Past the temple and in one of the halls was a Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition.




I can’t even write in Chinese for the life of me, let alone calligraphy.


After walking around and taking photos we went to have some lunch at the Tea House where vegetarian food is served at the temple – they had pretty tasty laksa and noodles from what I heard!


After an hour or so, we were brought back to reality as we exit the place into the carpark. Everything was pretty here, don’t think I’ve been to a temple so gorgeous.. This would be a place to bring my visiting friends around, even more so if they were Buddhists.


I’m quite recovered from the move, and still settling down in this new area. Really grateful to have awesome friends, new and old, to be with us while we start our new life here in Auckland. Thanks to the Flusk family who have been taking care of us while we were moving! :’)



On my mind lately are the things that I’ve learned from moving – which I’ll write in the next post. Maybe a list, maybe some do’s and don’ts, although I might have done more don’ts than do’s. It’s post in progress.

Ps. Some info on…

Fo Guang Shan

Tea House


Pps. Bailey Flusk says Hi!


Ashley M




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