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by Ashley M

10 Things I Learned from Moving


Moving is never easy. It is a much dreaded task…as you can tell, I personally don’t enjoy it. So if you’re reading this and preparing for your move, this is for you!

After 3.5 years in Wellington, it was time for a change and a new phase of life. So I’ve decided to move to Auckland on July 12th, and the 5 weeks leading up to that day was just crazy.

Crazy because Doug and I have 3-4 years worth of stuff to pack/sell/give away, crazy because of paperwork and moving arrangements among other things.  I will explain more as I get started on my list! Also, things from this list is solely from my personal experience, so it is in no way close to professional advice – just a forewarning. Haha

About a little over 1 month before the move…

 1. Start getting rid of stuff 

All the clothes that you stopped wearing 2 summers ago? Those stuff that don’t fit anymore? Time to sell, or give them away to the Salvation Army. Same goes for that workout bench that was hardly used, and that coffee table that I never liked. For every thing that gets sold, means one less thing that needs to be in the mover’s truck. Get rid of those things that were never/hardly used early, because there will be more things to worry about come closer to the moving date.

 2.  Book the movers 

Do some research on movers around the area, get quotes, compare, and then book the one that suits best. These things are best not to be left at the last minute – the more organized, the better! Then, you can look forward to your moving day with relief. We used NZ Movers and were really impressed with their service.

 3.  Make a list of big items (like furniture) and then the small stuff 

To get our movers’ quote, Doug did the sensible thing of making a list of big items that were going with us. (eg. 1 Bookshelf, 1 Couch, 2 Study Desks, 2 Mirrors, and 2 Office Chairs) and the small stuff were estimated by the number of boxes needed.

 4.  Measure the big stuff

To get a more accurate quote from the movers, the measurements of the furniture came in handy, and in the end we got charged less than the general quote that was online!

2 Weeks before the move…

      5. Start clearing the wardrobe

If I don’t need that bareback summer dress, I’m going to stuff it (nearly as possible) into my suitcase. That’s going to be the same with all the accessories that I won’t be wearing for the next 2 weeks and the nail polishes that I shall be refraining from. Leave only the things I will wear for the next 2 weeks and the first week of the move.

     6. Bubble wrap is good

Other than being fun to pop, I insisted on buying bubble wrap and some wrapping paper to protect breakables like my many nail polish bottles, perfumes, and glasses. This was because I refused to take the risk of anything breaking, or God forbid, leaking during the move. Oh, and everything was in perfect shape when they arrived to us. 🙂

Ps. You’ll be needing lotsa tape too!

A few days before the move….

     7. Makeup management

So many things to pack! Clothes, hair stuff, shoes, accessories, nail polishes, makeup – and household wares. Probably the thing that gets used almost daily is my makeup. How I managed it was to take out a pouch and fill it with the most basic things, and leave the rest in the makeup box, ready to go. I protect my eye shadows and powders from breaking by layering some tissues/cotton pads on top of them before closing the lid.

     8. Clear the fridge

Best to start thinking about eating out 1 day before the move and not having dishes to wash – and no groceries left behind. It’s just troublesome and having rotting food during its time at the warehouse is just a nightmare. More excuse to get pizza for dinner!

     9. Label boxes and do a checklist

When they were packed, every box was labeled and numbered with a checklist that was drawn up in my diary. Taking pictures of them also served its purpose when it was time to unpack.

     10. Change your address

Tell your bank/insurance/employer/whatever that you’re moving and make sure to change the address – it would suck to miss on important mail.


Okay, so there’s my 10 Things and some tips to go with them. Don’t make my mistake of forgetting the things in the pantry and fridge. I hate wasting food, but we ended up donating some new food to the nearby church and giving some things like hand wash and detergents to friends.


Our emptied apartment. Such a relief to see it empty at the end of the move. Phew! After a long day of moving and packing, nothing felt better than the feeling of my sheets and my bed.

Plan ahead and be organized, because moving is a process and it’ll overwhelm the sh** out of you if left till the last minute (said from experience).

Good Luck and Happy Moving!

Ashley M



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