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by Ashley M

A Photoshoot Update



Back again with an update ; my very first photoshoot in Auckland. I’ve been MIA from modelling for the past month since my move from Wellington city, and here I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with photographer Dezant Grayman and makeup artist (who’s also from Kuala Lumpur) Yee Wan.


We traveled about 30-40 minutes to KareKare Beach to shoot. It was windy that day, but to Doug and I, it would’ve been a normal day in Wellington. We still struggled to open our eyes when the wind was blowing in our direction. Again, a normal day in Wellington. That aside, the 4 of us braved through the sudden shower and nonstop winds and made a fun day out of it!

Backtracking a little, the shoot started off with a couple/romantic shoot with Doug. The cloudy weather in the morning gave us a head start on our moody yet romantic photos.



Channeling a vintage feel in this one. In reality, I think he would be the one hogging the poncho and shivering his butt off. I don’t really mind though.


I must say that the views were breathtaking, and only in places like these can you get amazing backdrops for photos. Dezant makes it look like the picture came out from a story book.


Tiptoeing. Sums up how we’re like together on most days!

It was not really our first couple shoot together, but it was one of the most official ones because on previous occasions, I just requested to get a photo with Doug while he was at a few of my shoots. And, it was kinda difficult looking at each other lovingly without cracking up.


But that’s how I always am with him – always laughing – always happy.

The second part of the shoot featured my cousin’s dress, once again. And that was when it started raining – and we had to run and hide in a cave for cover. Haha! That familiar feeling of rain and wind.. the show had to go on!


Dress from Bariano


Climbed a rocky hill and trying my best to stabilize. Then again, without the wind, we wouldn’t have been able to get this shot!



My hair and makeup was skillfully done by YeeWan, who specialises in bridal makeup. She made me look my best, and I felt my best. Her FB page : YeeWan Makeup Artistry


The makeup withstood the rain and the wind. It was one of those times that I’ve felt so comfortable with a makeup artist’s work that all I needed to focus on was posing.


And thus was the end of our shoot! These were just some of the photos, the rest are on Dezant’s page ; Dezant Grayman Photography. Go see his other work as well, they’re nothing less than stunning.

So…. for the fun part.

The behind-the-scenes photos stolen from Doug’s phone, and mine.

*Bloopers alert*



When you’re aware that your taking a selfie. *puts phone down*




Dealing with the cold!


Changing in and out of my gown (while trying to stay decent in public) with Yee Wan’s help… while Doug wants to document our unglam moments on the beach.


STAP Doug Plez


Ok lah.. will smile a little.


Found the button! Blurgh – all ounces of pretty or lady like has gone out the window.


Balancing on a piece of a wood, holding down his hat, carrying a lacy veil, camera bag and shooting. Multi-tasking at its best.


It’s a long way down…


Misty rain


On the way to the car, I found this pretty view. I’d have a picnic here – without the wind.

After the shoot, we curbed our hunger at Bunga Raya Restaurant at New Lynn. Since we had an Indonesian and Malaysian kaki with us! All of us being foodies was a good thing.

It was Yee Wan’s first time at this restaurant and I think she fell in love with the Yin Yong Wa Dan Hor (Cantonese Mixed Noodles in Egg Gravy). The portions were good for the price, and I was too busy wolfing down my Wa Dan Hor to take any more than 3 pictures.




Although there are countless “Malaysian” restaurants in NZ, Bunga Raya hits the spot. Closest to home we’ve ever tasted. The owner is from KL, and the staff happily chatted with us and recommended their best dishes to us. Sadly for Dezant, the stuff he chose were sold out for lunch that day.. guess their Laksa and Hainanese Chicken Rice were really popular!

That sums up tonight’s post. It was a team effort and we all enjoyed  ourselves. It was nice meeting like minded people and working with them. Thank you Dezant, Yee Wan and of course, Doug.


Ashley M.

2 comments on “A Photoshoot Update

  1. gary.
    September 8, 2016

    awesome pics and loved the ‘back’ story.


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